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The use of and access to the contents of this Web Page implies knowledge and acceptance of these standard terms and conditions which aim at informing the users of the rights, prohibitions, liabilities, etc., which govern when surfing the Web Page held by ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L. Therefore, you declare to be of legal age and to have sufficient legal capacity to be bound to the terms and conditions herein inserted.

The Web Page includes contents and products subject to intellectual and industrial property rights. An abusive use of the same beyond the authorized limits could constitute grounds of liability, and therefore we recommend that use be made under the parameters of responsibility and good faith.


These standard terms and conditions regulate the access, navigation and use of the Web Page of the company ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L., located in the following address, just as the liabilities deriving from the use of its contents –text, graphics, drawings, designs, photographs, software, codes, data base, images, information and any other creation protected by domestic laws and international treaties on intellectual and industrial property– which the holder makes available to the users through its Web Page.

The terms and conditions governing the different services available in the Web Page of ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L. are subject to the following rules and regulations, as to the part applicable: Act 34/2002, of July 11th, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce and Act 56/2007, of December 28th, on Measures to Promote the Information Society; Act of Parliament 15/1999, of December 13th, on Personal Data Protection and Order in Council 1720/2007, of December 21st, passing the Rules of development of the Act of Parliament on Data Protection; and all those rules and regulations which are similarly applicable.


Pursuant to article 10 of 34/2002, of July 11th, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, we inform you that the Web Page accessible from the domain is held by ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L., Company registered in the Madrid Commercial Registry, Sheet number M-684.106, Page 191, Section 38.460, with Tax Identification Number (CIF) B-88251913 and located in C/ Padre Damián 50, with postcode 28036 of Madrid.

Similarly, we inform you that ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L. holds the appropriate license to use the different contents -text, photographs, drawings, designs, software, source code and information included in this regard- displayed throughout the Web Page.

Personal Data Protection

Pursuant to the provisions concerning data protection, ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L. guarantees full adaptation of the Web Page and all services rendered through the same to the Act of Parliament 15/1999, of December 13th, on Personal Data Protection and Order in Council 1720/2007, of December 21st, passing the Rules of development of the same, as well as any other rules and regulations, of an international, state or regional scope, which regulate the subject matter.

ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L. bears witness to each and every one of the quality principles in the collection and processing of its data. Likewise, the goal of these clauses is to make available this clause to the users so that they can at all times decide –freely, voluntarily and expressly- if they wish to provide personal data which could be requested.

ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L. is responsible for each and every one of the files created to manage the services which you can request through this Web Page. Below follow the objectives of processing the personal data collected through the different contents:

JOIN ARIES ROBOTICS,. The personal data collected through this services form part of the file called “ARIES ROBOTICS DATABASE”, registered in the Spanish Data Protection Agency, which exclusively aims at being able to study, assess and adopt decisions concerning possible candidacies to form part of the company.

CONTACT. The personal data collected through this content forms part of the file called “ARIES ROBOTICS DATABASE”, registered in the Spanish Data Protection Agency, which exclusively aims at being able to send information concerning company areas subject of interest.

ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L. shall not process personal data of minors, so if it has knowledge of the same it shall proceed to their immediate cancellation and elimination, not taking responsibility for actions undertaken up to that time.

ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L. informs you that, at any point in time, you can exercise recognized rights to individually access, rectify, cancel and oppose. For this purpose, you must send us a reasoned request to the e-mail wherein you must identify yourselves and indicate the right you intend to exercise.

ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L. informs you that you can use your e-mail address to send electronic communications, by virtue of the 1st Additional Provisions of General Act 32/2003, of November 11th, on Telecommunication. Likewise, ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L.. provides users with a simple and cost-free mechanism to desist from consent granted in order to send electronic communications, in full compliance with European and national rules and regulations on the referred subject matter

ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L. shall inform you of any communication made of your personal data, obtaining at all times your express consent. On the other hand, information appearing on this Web Page which contains third party data are not considered sources accessible to the public and, therefore, the same cannot be used for ends other than those set forth in the section where the same are available and/or inserted.


ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L. makes known to the users the different means of communication whereby you can forward any suggestion, question or circumstance you deem convenient regarding the Web and the contents included the same.

C/ Padre Damián 50,
28036 (Madrid)
Tel. + 34 (91) 570 27 37

If you have any query, suggestion or comment concerning available products and/or services, you can have them reach us via the aforementioned contact details and/or the contacts inserted in certain Web Page contents.

Use of the Web Page and Services

The navigation and use of the Web Page, as well as the majority of services contained in the same, is completely free, expressly and without any type of qualification in compliance with the standard terms and conditions, permanently updated under the link “Legal Notice”.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L. owns or holds the appropriate license to use the intellectual and industrial property exploitation rights of the Web Page, as well as those of contents available through the same.

Under no circumstance shall the fact of allowing users to access the Web Page imply waiver, conveyance, license or assignment, in full or in part, of said rights, by ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L.

Deletion, withdrawal or manipulation of any data identifying the rights of the Web site holder or its holders included in the contents, as well as of the technical protection mechanisms, or any other information and/or identification mechanisms included in the contents, is expressly forbidden.

It is equally forbidden to modify, copy, reuse, exploit, reproduce, communicate publicly, make second or subsequent publications, load files, send by mail, transmit, use, process or distribute, in any manner, in full or in part, the contents included in the Web Page for public or commercial ends in the absence of express and written authorization by ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L. or, where appropriate, the holder of applicable rights.

The domain, held by ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L., cannot be used in connection with other contents, products or services that are not owned by the company and can cause confusion among end users or the company’s disrepute. ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L. reserves itself the right to use the domain or name in the commercial sphere in which its holder pursues its activities and similar spheres. Similarly, ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L. reserves itself the right to prevent the use of domains deriving from the same which, due to their similarity, can induce error or confusion regarding business signs, names or origin of the services.

Responsibilities and Guarantee

The Web site holder does not assume responsibility and does not give any guarantee regarding, inter alia, the following:

  • Your misuse of the Web Page.
  • Continuity of Web Page contents.
  • Damage or loss caused by any person, to himself or to third parties, in breach of the terms and conditions, rules and instructions provided in the Web Page by the holder of the same.
  • Absence of virus and/or other harmful components in the Web Page or server supplying the same, with regard both to the visualization of contents by the user and to downloading of the same.
  • Contents and services provided by other Web Pages which can be accessed from this Internet address.
  • Software or plug-in malfunction –any download from the link provided for this purpose- necessary to visualize certain contents included in this Web Page.
  • Invulnerability neither of this Web Page, nor of the software used, distributed or obtained from the same.
  • Sending and/or processing personal data of minors for the ends herein envisaged, subject to the legal requirements provided in rules and regulations for this purpose, responsibility exclusively falling on the parents and/or tutor of the minor.
  • Higher or lower performance of contents included in this Web Page.
  • Damage caused by a breach of the security systems contained and/or inserted in the Web Page.

Term and Amendment

These standard terms and conditions shall be valid throughout their display. Thereby, ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L. advises that each time users access the Web Page they carefully read the same.

ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L. reserves itself the right to unilaterally amend the terms and conditions from time to time, in full or in part. The amendment shall come into effect as of publication in the Web Page and, more specifically, from insertion in the link “Legal Notice”.


ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L. can unilaterally interrupt, suspend or terminate access to Web Page contents, regardless of the provisions set forth in these terms and conditions. Said situations shall not alter the validity of the prohibitions to use contents set forth throughout these standard terms and conditions.

Likewise, the Web site holder shall take appropriate steps, insofar as possible, to advice users of said circumstances –suspension, interruption or end of access to the contents.-

Null and Void

If any provision or series of provisions of these terms and conditions is considered null or inapplicable, in full or in part, by any competent Court or administrative body, said nullity or inapplicability shall not affect remaining terms and conditions contained in this Web Page. Non-exercise or non-enforcement, by ARIES ROBOTICS, S.L., of any right or provision contained in these terms and conditions shall not constitute waiver of the same in the absence of written recognition and agreement by the same.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

All Terms and Conditions inserted in the Web Page are governed by Spanish rules and regulations. Any conflict, dispute or situation deriving from these terms and conditions shall be submitted to the Courts of the City of Madrid, with express waiver by the parties of their jurisdiction.


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