Climate and vibration testing systems

Sistemas de ensayo climático y vibración

Since its foundation in 1985, ROBOTICS has offered turnkey projects to customers to meet all clients’ necessities and contribute to many projects’ viability. We introduce our Climate and vibration testing systems. 

ROBOTICS Industrial division designs and manufactures advanced electro-mechanical systems. It is a recognized world leader in the field of testing systems providing unparalleled experience in the analysis, design, and production of a wide range of leading-edge, high precision and efficient systems for applications in Automotive, Aerospace and Railway systems, precision motion control and structural dynamics where high performance and precision matters.

Among our services, you can find: 

  • Engineering and Design Services.
  • Complete Test Facilities and its Components.
  • Calibration Laboratories.
  • Control Systems.
  • Measurement and Data Acquisition systems.
  • Instrumentation.
  • Vibration Systems (1 to6 DoF).
  • Simulation Tables, Stewart Platforms, Hexapods.
  • Automatic Test Benches.
  • Impact Test Systems.
  • Hydraulic Power Groups.
  • Auxiliary Equipment such as Climatic chambers and Shakers, speed Measurement. Systems, High-Speed Cameras, and LED Lighting Systems.
  • Systems Maintenance and Customer help.

ROBOTICS also provides complete structural and seismic test laboratories to perform quasi-static, pseudo-dynamic and dynamic tests for a fuller understanding of the failure mechanisms and collapse process of structures and to satisfy the requirements of civil and structural regulations worldwide.

Bellow, you could find some of our principal solutions: 

  • Seismic simulators:A shake table can provide the dynamic force necessary to replicate full-scale displacements, velocities, and accelerations to different test articles and to simulate a wide range of conditions such as earthquakes.
  • Hexapods: The MVA-6E-S shake table based on a Stewart-Gough platform, a symmetrical robotic device featuring 6 Degrees of Freedom.

The nature of these configurations allows for a high degree of accuracy in linear positioning tasks. These shakes tables exhibit an increased stiffness and bandwidth, making them ideal for applications which involve moving heavy loads at high linear accelerations, such as earthquake simulation.

  • Wind tunnel: Our customizable wind tunnels in open or closed circuit for aerodynamic and atmospheric boundary layer applications. Together with our state-of-the-art control systems and software suites to cover a wide range of performance and customer demands.
For further information, you can check our testing systems at aries/testing-systems/. Also, you can download our brochure

Are you working into any project in which ARIES can make the difference? Our engineer’s team will advise and guide you through all the project steps. For more information, get in touch with us here

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